Juicing Service

Juicing Service

Make apple juice from your own apples using traditional pressing methods!
The juicing service is available throughout autumn.
Call +358 40-7517596 to make a reservation beforehand.


  • Reserve enough time! 100kg of apples/half an hour.
    For pasteurisation more time is needed: 100kg of apples/hour.
  • Cold-pressed juice is put into customer’s own containers.
    The juice will last 3-4 days refrigerated and after that should be stored in a freezer.
  • When the juice is pasteurised, it is usually put into a bag or a bottle.
    Pasteurisation kills microbes and bacteria which ensures that the juice can be stored for up to a year in a cool place.
  • 10 litre canisters for fresh pressed juice and 3 litre bags for pasteurised juice are available for purchase at the farm.
  • NB! Pasteurised juice is extremely hot so transportation needs to be handled carefully.


  • Cold-pressed juice 0,50€/kg of apples
  • Juice pressing with pasteurisation 0,70€/kg of apples
  • 10 l canister 5€
  • 3 l bag 1€
  • 3 l white bag 1€